Overcoming Emotional Eating

Overcoming Emotional Eating

"I eat my feelings, I just can't help myself. I come home after a long stressful shift and I work nights sometimes so I often skip meals. I'm just so tired and stressed when I come home but I know that crisps, chocolate and wine are waiting for me. In the moment I feel better.. but the guilt kicks in afterward."

Does this sound like you?

Many people struggle with emotional eating or 'comfort eating' and use food as a self-soothing mechanism for strong emotions.

The difficulty with emotional eating, is that our society shames people for comfort eating, and then pushes them towards dieting or restricting food in an attempt to curb food intake or counter-act emotional eating.

This approach actually exacerbates it and often leads to further eating problems (like binge eating disorder, for example).

The approach we use with our clients during the coaching sessions is to first increase your emotional awareness through mindfulness and meditation and then help you understand the purpose of even the most negative emotions you feel. We then look at how to build alternative coping strategies to meet your emotional needs and finish off by setting life goals instead of weight-based goals.

In taking this approach, you will no longer feel shamed for comfort eating, or destroy your relationship with food further by dieting. Instead you will feel free of food anxiety, empowered to meet your emotional needs and able to take control of your life path.