Low- Carb Meal Pack

Low- Carb Meal Pack


Whether you looking to lose weight, cut down on carbs, look for a new healthy quick recipe or maintain your weight. Our Low-Carb Meal Plan Book is what you need!

This book can be your bible and guide towards a healthy you In case you didn't know, nutrition will count for about 80% of your results. That's right 80%! There is an important lesson to be learned from the story below…

"Let's say I used to have a client, let’s call her Sarah. Now Sarah wanted to lose weight. And she was very happy, losing 2 stone in 3 months. She felt she had more energy and could walk without getting out of breath. I’m pleased to say that once Sarah had become fully aware of the importance of nutrition for fat loss, we are able to make some important changes"

As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Our low- carb meal pack is you your teacher .This pack is designed to help you plan your meals throughout the month by providing you with 2 weeks meal planner, shopping list and a collection of low-carb recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats options.

In addition, each meal has a QR code which can be scanned into the MyFitnessPal app to automatically calculate your calorie intake each day.

No more thinking, No more worries!

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"Available in a soft copy"